• Alcatel


    Alcatel: originally short for the Société Alsacienne de Constructions Atomiques,de Télécommunications et d'Électronique, a small company in Mü lhausen . The company has roots in two early 1880 years telecommunications companies: La Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (CGE) and the Western Electric Manufacturing Company . CGE was formed in 1898 by French engineer Pierre Azaria in the Alsace region of what was then Germany and was a conglomerate involved in industries such as electricity, transportation, electronics and telecommunications . CGE would become a leader in digital communications and would also be known for building the TGV (train à grande vitesse) high - speed trains in France. Western Electric began in 1869 as a manufacturing firm based in Cleveland, Ohio , US. By 1880, it became the largest electrical manufacturing company in the United States. In 1881, the American Bell Telephone Company purchased a controlling interest in Western Electric and made it the exclusive developer and manufacturer of equipment for the Bell telephone companies. Later in 2006, thru a divestiture of Bell telephone companies & merging with Alcatel SA of France, the co.Lucent was established. Alcatel - Lucent as one oft he leading developer & manufacturer of telecommunication systems acquired Nortel UMTS licence & radio access business, and besides networking and DSL modems technology also produced telephone sets , exchanges & mobile phones. Nowadays the tel ephone manufacturing is licensed to Chinese & French companies, the networking branch was taken over by Nokia

  • Bea-fon


    Bea - fon: member of the Aspöck Group (Austria), which employs more than 1,500 people. The research and development synergy between bea - fon Mobile and the parent company, Aspöck, results in the highest quality product s. In the case of mobile phones, besides the modern, contemporary design, the emphasis is primarily placed on the safety of users, e.g. simplified user interface, emergency call options or location based functions. Main product groups: outdoor (waterproof) telephones, devices for the elderly, children's wa tch telephones, special easy - to - use feature phones with tactile keys and smartphones.

  • Blaupunkt


    BLAUPUNKT : a radio - set manufacturer first founded in Berlin in 1924 when radio was still in its infancy. Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality – the blue dot. It did not take long before customers simply aske d for the “bluepoint” (which means in German BLAUPUNKT) products. Blaupunkt launched the First Car Radio worldwide in 1932. From 1933 - owned by Robert Bosch GmbH - the Blue Dot became a trademark and the company name ( Blaupunkt means blue dot), as c ustomers loved the high quality of car radios & headphones. In 1949, Blaupunkt brought the first FM - capable car radio.By the 1960 and 1970s, Blaupunkt had become one of the leading German manufacturers of car audio equipment. In 1983, it began selling an i n - dash CD player . The company was sold in 2009 to an investment company, Blaupunkt became a managed brand name, now in the hands of GIP Development SARL of Luxembourg, the brand in use in consumer electronics worldwide. In 2015 Blaupunkt have been awarded as the “Brand of the century – German brand standards”

  • Enabot


    ENABOT: is a young, fresh Hong Kong company, created by a passionate team of engineers, committed to finding innovative solutions to connect and protect families, including their pets, even remotely, thus their mission is to promote love, companionship and shar ing even in a digital environment, The products bear the name EBO which
    - connect to your home, keeping your family safe and your home secure at all times
    - connect with your children, EBO allows you to check in on your children when y ou ’ re away
    - connect with your family, EBO makes sure your elderly relatives are safe and well.
    - connect with your pets, EBO allows you to play with your pets and keep them company.

  • Hanita


    Hanita: the factory works in Hanita kib b utz in Israel, develops and manufactures engineered laminates as raw materials for printing & RFID industry, furthermore polyester films, also m etalized , as ener gy efficient heat rejecting films or security films for glazing systems. We distribute the latter product group, that is advanced solar & security films, because out of the Israeli local requirements, these products provide extraordinary heat & glare reduction, furthermore shatter - and shockproof functions against accidental inju ries or burglary

  • Motorola


    Motorola started in Chicago, Illinois (USA) in 1928, with 5 people in a small section of a rented building. The company's first products were battery eliminators; devices enabling battery - powered radios to operate on household electricity. The break - through was achieved later by designing an inexpensive car radio & mobile radio rec eiver. In 1940 the 1 st handheld walky - talky was produced for police, also US Army used Motorola AM radios during 2 nd WW, being a vital means of communication for the Allies During the years Motorola’s portfolio included radio - & television sets, CB radios and other communication devices. The own patents were sold later to third companies fo r production (like Matsushita). Motorola nowadays is concentrating on the development of mobile phones, telecom network solutions, transce i vers & RFID technology.

  • Olympia


    Olympia : in the beginning of 20th century the first marketable pointer - typewriter was developed in AEG factory in Berlin, due to ist success a new production line was erected in Erfurt and the typewriters were distributed under Olympia brand since 1930. Olympi a became a giant in office technique, producing even data processing systems in Wilhelmshaven. As it could not keep pace however with Japanese microelectronic companies, Olympia’s ownership changed several times until recently ist shares have been acquired by a Hong Kong holding company which kept the product line of traditional office equipment like shredders, laminators, electronic cash registers, banknote testers, trimmers, etc.

  • Volta Macchine

    Volta Macchine

    Volta Macchine (Italy) : split from VOLTA AG in 1991, is one of the top leaders in the production of machines and accessories for laying of underground cables & overhead lines. Highly trained staff and constant innovation, full - service for the maximum customer satisfaction resulted in ISO certification since 1998. Exports to more than 70 countries all over the world, also to leading energy suppliers and telecommunications companies. Main fields of operation: • Hydraulic cable laying winches • Pipe renewal hydraulic winches • Cable pulling accessories • Stringing winch es and Tensioners for overhead lines • Cable drum trailer • Cable stringing accessories