• Walky-Talky

    started in Chicago, Illinois (USA) in 1928, with 5 people in a small section of a rented building. The company's first products were battery eliminators; devices enabling  battery-powered radios to operate on household electricity. The break-through was achieved later by designing an inexpensive car radio & mobile radio receiver.
    In 1940 the 1st handheld walky-talky was produced for police, also US Army used Motorola AM radios during 2nd WW, being a vital means of communication for the Allies.

    During the years Motorola’s portfolio included radio- & television sets, CB radios and other communication devices. The own patents were sold later to third companies for production (like Matsushita).
    Motorola nowadays  is concentrating on the development of mobile phones, telecom network solutions, transceivers & RFID technology. 

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    Discover our diverse range of home phones, tailored to your needs! From corded to cordless options, digitally secured DECT phones for enhanced privacy, to high-featured models perfect for office and IP environments. We also offer senior-friendly designs with large screens, adjustable volume, and easy one-touch dialing. Say goodbye to unwanted calls with our one-touch ban feature, ensuring a peaceful communication experience. Upgrade your communication setup today!

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    at the beginning of 20th century the first marketable pointer-typewriter was developed in AEG factory in Berlin, due to ist success a new production line was erected in Erfurt and the typewriters were distributed under  Olympia brand since 1930.

    Olympia became a giant in office technique, producing even data processing systems in Wilhelmshaven. As it could not keep pace however with Japanese microelectronic companies, Olympia’s ownership changed several times,  its  shares have been acquired by a Hong Kong holding company which kept the product line of  traditional office equipment like shredders, laminators, electronic cash registers, banknote testers, trimmers, etc.  
    Security items & smart home devices are the latest achievements in the Olympia assortment.

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  • Hanita Window Films

    Hanita Coatings, world-wide producer of architectural & automotive films, situated in Kibbutz Hanita, Israel, has been specialized in the development and manufacture of engineered polyester films for high-end applications, the company belongs to Avery Dennison Group.

    The films out of the Hanita  Research & Development Laboratory have excellent thermal heat and sunshine glare reduction and safety technical properties (impact and break resistance) due to the special hard local weather conditions in Israel, which is why we distribute Hanita's market-leading car and building films on the demanding Hungarian market.

    Hanita is a key provider of energy-efficiency solutions, a market leader in insulation laminates, a developer of core photovoltaic materials and a central player in the field of solar control window film.

    Hanita’s  safety and security anti-fragmentation window films also provide shatter- and shockproof functions against accidental injuries or burglary, besides adding further value to energy-efficiency building upgrades.

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