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Do wireless Dect phones have the LCD display menu in Hungarian?

Yes, you can choose also Hungarian language for the display, just enter the handset menu > Settings > Languages > choose Hungarian.
The default menu language of the display when switching on our dect telephones is usually English or German langauge as a factory default setting.

The exception is usually landline desk phones, where either there is an icon-driven (picture) menu, or only a few basic words are displayed in English: e.g. Time / Date / Day

Where can I find operating instructions for the products?

The user manual of most products can be downloaded from our website. To do this, search for the specific product, click on the "Download" tab at the bottom of the page and see user manuals and other technical information like leaflets or datasheets which can be downloaded.

How many handsets can be used with a Dect phone?
What if I need more handsets ?

Dect phones are portable cordless phones for home or office use. As standard, the base (which is connected to the telephone line) comes with 1 handset.
However, there are also models with multiple handsets, these are usually registered to the base at the factory, and are sold as one sales unit, in its packaging including already 2 or 3 handsets.
It is also indicated by the words Duo (with 2 handsets)  and Trio (with 3 handsets)  in the product name, e.g. Motorola T402 Duo or Blaupunkt TAM Trio models.
A total of 4 or 5 handsets can be used on one base, this is however a special feature of the models, NOT appearing with 4 or 5 handsets in sales.
If you need such a special set of phones, please let us know, and our company can put together such a special solution for you containing 4-5 handsets.
These so-called multi sets operate on one telephone line, i.e. only one handset can participate in an external outgoing call at one time.  On the other hand, if an external call has been established & there is ongoing conversation, this call can be transferred from one Dect handset to another, which is called the call transfer function and it works.

Answering machine: how can I adjust  my phone's answering machine to provide my own personal greeting text when I'm not at home?

This is possible.
By factory default, there are pre-recorded greeting texts usually in English (e.g. “please leave a message after the beep” ), but you can also record a greeting text yourselves: just compose 1-2 sentences, and you can record it as a greeting text by recording it under the appropriate menu point of the telephone device.
As a result the answering machine can answer calls with your own voice and text. (e.g. “ we have a beer party now,  just leave a message, unless you like beer, in which case better to come & join us” )

With several handsets, is it possible to make an internal "home" call? i.e. can I call the children's room from the living room to avoid going up there personally ?

Yes, an internal call is possible between 2 cordless handsets, i.e. you can call the other handset, without going out to your provider , this is a free internal call. This function is sometimes called “intercom”.

The battery is starting to wear out in my Dect phone, how to replace  them ?

Our Dect handsets have rechargeable batteries, usually AAA between 500-800mAh. Only use rechargeable batteries, because normal batteries are not rechargeable and can destroy either the handset or  the charging unit of the base.
AAA size rechargeable batteries are available in shops, any make is suitable.