Multi-handset home phones

Motorola T402
Motorola T412
Alcatel F860 Duo
Blaupunkt Option Trio

offices, work-minded home users, and large families are also happy to use our cordless phones with multiple handsets or the Combo models, thus more people have portable handsets at hand, but the base unit with the line connector & charger base is always in the "usual place", easy to find. You can cover a range of ca. 50 meters indoor which is by far enough an apartment or smaller office and you can receive/start calls while moving around the apartment or office. Multi handset means upto 4-5 portable Dect handsets can be connected to the base unit.
External calls can be transferred from one Dect wireless handset to another wireless Dect handset.
DECT stands for digital European cordless telecommunication, means all these calls are digitally coded, thus eavesdrop-proof.

Internal calls within your home & office free of charge

It is a function of Multi-Handset Phones, like the models

Motorola T402
Motorola T412
Alcatel F860 Duo
Blaupunkt Option Trio

Internal call function ( often called Intercom)

an internal conversation is also possible between the 2 portable parts, i.e. one handset can call the other portable handset free of charge, i.e. without using your telecom provider’s line service.

This way, you don't have to go upstairs or out on the terrace to the person you want to reach , or just don't bother him with your personal presence in the other room.

At the same time, an external call can be transferred to another Dect handset, (also when 2 internal users are already connected ) so even a 3-party conference call can be continued. Of course, this requires multi-handset models like Duo or Trio / Quattro sets.

Keeping in touch with our home, office, loved ones via Wi-Fi smart camera

EBO SE Wifi smart camera

EBO AIR intelligent smart camera

this smart robot camera works for you:

  • as security IP camera with Internet access for monitoring houses and premises
  • when motion detected, it sends a message to our phone or makes a recording
  • movable camera (remote control via smartphone) , capable of changing its location, thus checking in several rooms is possbile
  • videophone : in this interactive way we can talk with the people staying at home / in the office, also can hear & see them
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous video monitoring, without any kind of additional server usage cost
  • Use it as a baby monitor, you can watch / hear your baby during day & night , as it provides good quality video also from a dark room
  • remotely entertain & control your pets as you can get this cam to swing & roll and move it in front of your pets, plus you can watch and stay in touch with them verbally as well
  • Take care of people remotely: with the additional feature of EBO AIR, the shape recognition and AI (artificial intelligence )based tracking AI,) you can monitor your beloved ones or remotely play or communicate with them at home. With scheduled reminders, you can warn them at home to do things, e.g. when do they have a program, or to take medications, etc

Do you need a home-made certiificate or diploma for the kids or an important souvenir ?

Nice solution is with a laminator.

Olympia A230 – A4 laminator

Olympia A330 – A3 laminator

The laminating machine comes in handy if you need documents which are not destroyed by water, dust, wrinkles.

First of all, the page size is decisive, it doesn't matter whether you have to keep A3 or A4 size or smaller. It is good to know that smaller sizes can naturally be laminated with larger machines, i.e. A6, A5, A4 sizes can be managed also by an A3 machine.
Every Olympia laminating machine comes with an initial foil set, i.e. 3x A4, and 4x A5, 4x A6 and 4x business card sized laminating foils.
Laminating foils can also be purchased separately, our company also has small packages of both A4 and A3 foils , like e.g. 25 pcs/unit package. Larger packages, like 50 or 100 unit packages are also available.

Thin foils can also be laminated cold, in which case the rollers press the foil onto the paper, this can only be used for very thin foils and documents to be laminated.
Thicker paper requires hot lamination, when the machine applies the foil onto the document to be laminated at a higher temperature. In this case, you have to wait for the warm-up time (2-3 minutes).

Tip: attach the paper/photo, etc., to the factory-soldered end of the laminating film, and let it go into the machine first, because this way the machine smoothes the air out from under the film, it does not bulge.