Our company’s philosophy:

Our co. Technocom Ltd. is a customer-oriented importer and distributor, with the main objective to enable our customers to use innovative solutions, easy-to-use devices suitable for their age and living conditions.

We pay special attention to develop communication solutions to minors and to people in need of help so that e.g. with the push of a button, they can ask for help from family members and friends who are nearby or even far away, taking advantage of IoT and wireless technologies.

Our company is owned by Hungarian private individuals since its foundation, which is a guarantee for flexible, quick decision-making and adaptability, in which one of our main values, the experience and dedication of our employees, is also manifested.

Our goal is to make use of our expertise in a product range we are well-known for (electronic products, telecommunications, cable laying machines, health care devices and car/ architectural films), as well as to maintain and gradually develop our established market positions.

We expand the range of our wholesale and retail partners only with reliable, reputable companies, with particular attention to professional and at the same time financial reliability.

The quality of the supplier background is decisive in our commercial activity, therefore, as in the past, we continue to work mainly with German and other well-known Western European partners (e.g. AEG, Beafon, Hagenuk, Motorola, Olympia brand products), and because this way the production in experienced Far East factories, reliable quality, European representation, spare parts supply, and European-art product development are also ensured.

Brief history of Technocom Ltd:

We have been operating in the regional Central and Eastern European markets since 1996.

Our activity: distribution of goods, product development, customizing technical solutions in

  • Telephones, telecommunications and telemonitoring devices
  • Office equipment
  • Cable laying machines and equipment -
  • Electronic consumer goods: audio, small kitchen appliances (SDA), home used safety and health care products.
  • Automotive & Architectural films: distribution of light-, UV- & heat protection films which can be installed on glass or plexi-glass (polycarbonate/ PMMA) , also safety films against visibility or unauthorized access.

Product quality:

compliance with strict Hungarian and EU legislation at all times is also a guarantee for the quality of our products.

We only work with well-known and reliable manufacturers on both the Hungarian and export markets, providing a full guarantee and excellent quality, which is the key to our almost 30-year-old activity.

Reference list

a couple of partners we supplied: Avon, Citibank, Emag, Erste Bank, Ferihegyi Airport, Invitel, Magyar Telekom, MOL, telecommunications distribution companies, UPC.
Retail partners: Cora, Tesco, Auchan, Mediamarkt.
Abroad: telecommunications providers or distributors, e.g. In Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic states.

Company data:

Full company name: Technocom Cable Technics Manufacturing & Trading Co.Ltd.
with the official short name: Technocom Ltd.
Tel./Fax: +36 1 204-1671

Headquarters, billing and delivery address: H-1224 Budapest/ Hungary , Barackvirág street 4. (located in the immediate vicinity of the Budatetény section of the M0 ring)

Working hours: on working days, Monday-Friday between 8:00 and 16:00.

Court registration number: 01-09-467067 in the Budapest Company Registration Court.
EU tax number: HU 12128024.
Bank Account by MBH (Hungarian Bank Holding), formerly MKB bank.