Hanita Window Films

Hanita Coatings, world-wide producer of architectural & automotive films, situated in Kibbutz Hanita, Israel, has been specialized in the development and manufacture of engineered polyester films for high-end applications, the company belongs to Avery Dennison Group.

The films out of the Hanita  Research & Development Laboratory have excellent thermal heat and sunshine glare reduction and safety technical properties (impact and break resistance) due to the special hard local weather conditions in Israel, which is why we distribute Hanita's market-leading car and building films on the demanding Hungarian market.

Hanita is a key provider of energy-efficiency solutions, a market leader in insulation laminates, a developer of core photovoltaic materials and a central player in the field of solar control window film.

Hanita’s  safety and security anti-fragmentation window films also provide shatter- and shockproof functions against accidental injuries or burglary, besides adding further value to energy-efficiency building upgrades.


  • Interior Architectural...

    Upgrade energy efficiency with SolarZone Window Films produced by Hanita 

    SolarZone window films increase energy efficiency by reducing solar heat buildup, and lessening the cooling load on the air conditioning system. You can reach savings in energy costs  between 10%  and 30%. Payback differs between regions, depending on climate, glazing, film type, cost of installation and electricity rates.
    But the return on investment can be around 2-3 years, one of the quickest of any energy efficiency measures.

  • Exterior Architectural...

    Motto:  keep cool inside your home & keep solar heat outside, save energy costs by minimizing air-conditioning & stay private from curious peepers .

    With thicker exterior safety films protect your windows  against unwanted glass damages, breakings & intruders.

    Hanita Exterior Window Films are developed for installation on the outside of window-glass, , instead of on the interior (room side) . Exterior films reject solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane cool and reducing the energy that penetrates inside even more effectively than a similar interior film.

    From appearance point of view external films can provide tinted, reflective outlook, or also two-way night and day privacy with a matte outlook, or a lighter, clear tone without noticeably affecting the appearance of the building.

  • Safety Films

    Security films provide privacy and personal safety in any home environment e.g. bathroom or any glass to be protected against breakage, shards, windows facing public places or retail, schools, public institutes, office applications.
    The product combines anti-fragmentation (shard) security with either clear or any other attractive effect.

    The clear safety window films besides breakage & intruder protection also feature exceptional clarity, low reflectance and high levels of UV filtering. A full range of film thicknesses from 4-15 mil ensures the appropriate solution for different threats and hazards.

    Available not only for interior use, but also for exterior or polycarbonate applications with a thickness between 4 & 7 mil.
    Anti-graffiti type ensures scratch-proof surface by protecting the underlying glass.

    Hanita safety films are certified in acc.with the international safety  standards 2B2, 1B1 & P4A-(A3), furthermore have the local MABISZ approval in Hungary.

  • Automotive Films

    Car films from Hanita take a fresh approach to window tint film, combining solar heat & glare protection, thus a more secure driving environment.
    Also to mention  the collateral advantage of cool look & aesthetics and protection against insight.
    For installers Hanita films provide remarkable heat shrink properties for easy, efficient application, and stunning performance.

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