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  • Hanita Exterior Window Films
  • Hanita Exterior Window Films

Hanita Exterior Window Films


Prices vary based on meters / square meters / or rolls.
Various types available: Reflective ( Silver, Solar Bronze) , Blue-toned (Azu-Lite) , Dual-Reflective (Titan ), Spectrally selective (e-lite).
You can choose based on the product description below &  from the attached catalogue with detailed technical data.


Exterior Films bring exceptional energy efficiency to almost all glazing types & to complement many types of Low-E glass, providing summertime cooling without affecting the wintertime insulation efficiency of Low-E coatings.

Reflective Films: have outstanding heat rejection & insight protection.

Silver Xtra with  strong visual statement, excellent heat rejection & speedy return on investment, Silver Xtra is a popular choice for commercial projects.

Solar Bronze Xtra also delivers high levels of heat rejection in a warm, yet sophisticated appearance.

Silver Matte 20 Xtra  provides interior comfort together with two-way night and day privacy.

AzuLite 35 Xtra  is a high performance exterior film with unique blue-toned appearance and exceptional solar performance. AzuLite transforms colored glazing to a sophisticated, low reflectance blue-silver. Compatible with almost all glazing types, ideal for an aesthetic and energy-efficient makeover for tinted or clear glass.

Dual Reflective Films , like e.g. Titan Xtra offer  a reflective, extremely energy efficient outdoor appearance  with an excellent solar heat rejection and rapid payback.  The less reflective interior maintains a pleasant indoor ambience.
Available in various VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) grades: 07 / 20 / 35.

Spectrally Selective Films offer a more neutral appearance , thus fitting into the building’s outside environment, reducing solar heat & UV radioation at the same time.

e-Lite Xtra:
  Hanita’s new  premium e-Lite Xtra exterior films in 45% and 70% light transmission curb the heat, without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass.   e-Lite Xtra provides an effective yet discrete energy saving solution that preserves the architectural integrity of high-end commercial projects.
Also adequate to modern glazings, enhancing the efficiency of high performing, reflective, tinted, laminated, or Low E glass.
e-Lite Xtra provides the highest levels of energy saving performance in their category, and are cost-effectively competitive with the most prestigious films on the market.

OptiLite 75 Xtra’s  subtle tint effectively filters heat-building IR radiation, keeping the inner-space cooler without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass.

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